The poetry of jewellery, between dreams and reality

A dream is poetic and metaphorical.

When are some dreams better remembered than others? When the oneiric image is evocative.

Jewellery is one such image that holds a mysterious attraction in every culture. The dreams they appear in are more easily remembered as they arouse emotion and curiosity. Dreaming of jewellery can make you feel lucky, boost your confidence and make you feel more attractive and precious.

According to dream symbolism studies, jewellery can unite the conscious and unconscious mind which serves to stabilise self-esteem. Whether or not this type of symbolism is credible, it is certain that anyone who wears jewellery. never wears it by chance.

Behind each piece of jewellery there is an unspoken but tangible story of why it was chosen to be worn that way, that day: personal taste, as sentimental gift, whim or simply for show.

This is how jewellery becomes poetry, as it colours and brightens our day.